Internet of Things (IoT) for 2015.
As mobile computing meets cloud computing, .
Analytics will continue to grow propelled
Analytics will continue to grow
Analytics will continue to grow propelled
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PHP Training Online / Classroom

The PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language and MySQL™ database provide a powerful, open, and free platform for  developing databasedriven Web sites or Web Development to emerge during the past decade. It is a programming language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce.

MySQL is the open source community's most popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) offering, and is a key part of LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Hypertext PreprocessorPHP/Perl/Python.  

Our comprehensive Best PHP training in Chennai covers
    PHP Training
    PHP with MySQL Essential Training 
The best PHP training courses aim to teach participants a set of basic, intermediate and advanced skills for implementing practical, industrialstrength Web Sites and Web applications. Our best PHP training courses encourage the participant to explore MySQL database fundamentals, as well as MySQL features.

This hands on practical oriented Classroom / Online PHP Trainingin Chennai provides the essential knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, databasedriven web sites and web application. This Classroom / Online Instructor Led PHP Course introduces the language syntax, and covers in depth the most important topics like Object Oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Input & Output Operation and many more which are used to build dynamic web sites or web applications. 

We also offer other Hypertext PreprocessorPHP Technology related course like Classroom / Online Wordpress Training, Classroom / Online Joomla Course, Classroom / Online Drupal Course, Classroom / OnlineCodeIgniterCourse and many more.

Our Classroom / Online PHP Training courses building blocks are

  •     Lessons
  •     Lab Programs
  •     Tasks
  •     Projects

Indepth Course Coverage

Course Contents

To achieve DREAM Career

Why Choose WISEN?


  • We provide value for YOUR money
  • We @ WISEN progressively goal to deliver the best Classroom / Online learning experience available.
  • Over 90% to 95% of our delegates come back to us for further training
  • All of our training is hands-on, using real world examples
  • Includes pre-course material, documentation, exams & certificates
  • WISEN makes the learning experience enjoyable
  • Courses delivered by experienced IT Training instructors
  • Small class sizes for optimum delegate-trainer interaction
  • Learn the key to develop the Web Application effectively
  • Quickly moved into more advanced topics.

Quality Training Anywhere

Online PHP Training in India


Still having a dilemma to choose between Classroom or PHP Training Online course?

Forget it !

Our PHP Online Training methodology "Online Edge" is your 'One Stop Solution for your most Convenient Online PHP Training course Needs'.

It is a Live Instructor Led Training.

It is NOT a recorded Video Training.

We, Wisen shall provide you best instructor led online PHP training from India without costly travel or interrupting your busy schedule.  

As an online PHP training courses, participant you shall benefit by experiencing our live, effective teaching methodology "Online Edge" which would help us deliver a first rate systematic online PHP training in India for just-in-time class right when you need it.  

What makes Wisen’s Online Instructor Led PHP Training Methodology "Online Edge" so unique?  

  • Most Convenient - Get trained from any preferred location of your choice, we are eager to deliver you the best course.  
  • Save Time and Money - Spend less on travelling and more time on gaining Top Quality Best Online PHP Training course.  
  • Custom Fit - Customized PHP online training course speed: We shall customize according to your learning speed. Our trainers shall fine tune in accordance to you learning pace and deliver the best PHP online training experience.  
  • Reliable - Top quality certified Wisen instructors shall conduct an advanced PHP training online for you and help you reach your dream career goal in an optimized duration.  
  • Practical Tasks and Case Studies - PHP Online Training course shall also include these to enhance your IT learning curve and make you Job and Project ready candidate for today's competitive IT world.  
  • Balanced Theory & Practical session - 50% Theory and 50% Practical  
  • Personalized Query Solving and Feedback Sessions  

We assure you to make you a Job Ready Candidate at the end of the PHP online training course session.  
Our Location: Best Online PHP Training in Chennai, India. 

Great Thoughts Speak

PHP Training Free Demo Class


Go ahead and avail of our free demo class 

This is specially designed for our first time customers, the free demo class will convince you of our outstanding quality and in depth course coverage. This is a no obligation PHP online training free demo class. 

Why a PHP online training free demo class? 

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind. 
Theodore Roosevelt

Our best Online PHP Training Free Demo class are conducted in Skype, Gtalk  etc or any other preferred mode you like. 

Do it NOW. Sometimes ‘LATER’ becomes ‘NEVER’ 

We also offers other Instructor Led IT Courses like Classroom / Instructor Led Java Training, Classroom / Instructor Led LINQ Course, Classroom / Instructor Led JavaScript Course, Classroom / Online Java Web Services Course, Classroom / Instructor Led Spring Course and many more.

Practical Project Knowledge

Certification You can Earn


After successful completion of this Best PHP Training & best MySQL Training, the participants can obtain for two kinds of certifications:

  1. Zend Hypertext Preprocessor PHP Certification. Click here to know more about the Zend PHP Certification Course. 
  2. MySQL Developer Certification. Click here to know more about the MySQL Certification Training.

Tailor Made

PHP MySQL Corporate Training


We @Wisen can help your project team to build up their PHP expertise. Taking into consideration the current capability of your project team, we can design bespoke on-site PHP corporate training sessions to meet their needs and your business requirements.

With Wisen, you can be confident that you have an experienced PHP MySQL corporate training partner continually focused on delivering quality, in-depth coverage, tailored solutions in line with your project requirements in the most cost effective way.

WISEN Self Developed Material

Best Advanced PHP Training Course Material


Our classroom / Online PHP Training Institutes in Chennai provides Student study Materials which includes a comprehensive Student Guide complete with detailed Best online PHP Training Courses notes and diagrams. Step by step lab instructions are clearly illustrated for maximum PHP learning. 

All attendees receive comprehensive PHP Training course ware, which includes: 

  • PHP Training Classes Study Material 
  • Lab Programs 
  • Tasks
  • Lab Exercises 

Classroom / Online PHP Training Material  :  1 No's. 

Click here to know the address of our Best PHP Training center . 

Don’t WAIT. Time NEVER be Just RIGHT.

Napolean Hill

Innovation is KEY

Best PHP Developer Training Lecture / Practical Ratio


This Mastering PHP Developer training class is 

  • 50% quality lecture 
  • 30% Hands on lab programs 
  • 20% lab problem solving exercises

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